Big Sky Images ~ Michele Wallace Design | About
After almost 20 years as a secondary educator, I have finally given in to my creative side and begun Big Sky Images. From the first time I put a pencil to paper and realized that God had given me some talent, I've felt compelled to create. When I realized that my scrapbook photographs were not matching my artistic vision, I decided it was time to take the settings off of auto and I have been completely captivated by photography ever since!

Big Sky Images focuses on utilizing natural light on location and a relaxed, low key approach to produce candid, creative portraiture in the Susquehanna Valley and surrounding central Pennslyvania area. As a mother, it is important to me to capture images of my son which truly allow his personality to shine through. And to me, that's really the goal of creating the beautiful portraits which will remain long after a particular moment in time has passed.